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and just like that…are you 🤬 kidding?


talk about a trigger!!! without a warning.

I am a widow.

my late husband's death was eerily similar to the one depicted in the show

what’s more, if carrie meets someone, falls in love and lives happily ever after… how does that make all the rest of us widows feel?

🖤 is there something wrong with us?

🖤 why are we still sad and lonely??

reality is only about 2% of widows remarry. and, of the estimated 350 million widowers world-wide, 80% of these are women (Inter Press Service, Feb 2020).

let's hope some version of reality is depicted and we can thank the show for entering a dialogue about death into mainstream

sadly, my concern is that life after widowhood will be seen as an awesome, quick second act

carrie will slide into love just like she does into a pair of her famous shoes

let’s talk about death. break the taboo and prepare people for reality

forever evolving


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