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Today I celebrate and honour my fur baby on his 8th birthday

Can you imagine surviving death without their unconditional support? I cannot.


Audi came into my life weeks after the unexpected death of my hubby.

At the time, I didn’t know if it were possible for my house to ever become a home again. It was unbearable.

His boundless energy and unlimited love brought back some much needed laughter and warmth to us all. Day in and day out this little guy has been by my side since he joined our family.


Studies actually have found that dogs recognize our emotions and sense our moods. At my most difficult times, he has always found his way to me and given me comfort. Apparently, their keen sense of smell can detect the chemical changes in our body when our moods change. This enables them to react accordingly with sensitivity and lots of greatly appreciated warmth and attention.


As a new widow, Audi entered my life and continues to give me so much more than I could have imagined.


· licks away my tears

· greets me each morning and reminds me I’m not alone as I face another day

· stays by my side late into the long hours of a widow’s night

· helps me feel protected when I’m home alone

· is my confidante – always eager to listen to me

· reminds me I’m still cherished

· forces me to leave my home and take healthy walks in nature

· provides warm snuggles and cuddle

· gives me an excuse to leave and go back home when I’m feeling overwhelmed

· is a best friend and companion on lonely days & (even) lonelier weekends

I truly believe Audi is a gift sent to me during my greatest time of need – a gift I cherish.

So, let’s raise a glass and cheer to our fur babies.

Our loyal, loving, goofy, huggable pets.

Forever evolving

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