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What lessons do you want to take into the New Year?

I had an opportunity recently to learn a valuable lesson I hope to remind myself again and again throughout the year.


This past week I was locked out of my car in the late afternoon on a cold and snowy day in the downtown core. It was beginning to get dark and the streets were very quiet on this holiday weekend.

Nervous concern began rising inside me.

I was forced to reach out for help. So I began to go thru my mental rolodex.

Who do I call? Will anyone realize I’m not home? Who should I burden? Why am I feeling so anxious and alone?


After my husband died I came to the difficult realization that I am solely responsible for me now.

In the past, I would not have hesitated to call my husband for comfort and help. He was an extension of me. We were a team. He always had my back and we were responsible for one another. It’s what we did.

But now…

Who do I call?

I was filled with negative self talk. My inner voices were on overdrive!

  • I don’t want to be anyone’s responsibility

  • I don’t want to be anyone’s burden


Armed with my coaching tools, I brushed away the negativity and called my daughter. Her immediate offer to help warmed my heart.

I now wonder why I hesitated to reach out for help.

  • Is it pride?

  • Self doubt?

  • A feeling of being needy?

  • Fear of being rejected?

  • Acknowledging how alone I truly feel?

Regardless. I am proud of myself for pushing out of my comfort zone.


I am so grateful for my daughter’s response when I texted her later that evening to say thank you.

I was reminded that I am loved. Sometimes we need to be reminded.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy year ahead filled with self-love and compassion. Remember, you were loved by your partner because you ARE worth it.

Forever evolving


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